About Us

 Stay Legal, Stay Employed.

S   American Medical Review was founded in 1998 by Dr. G. A. Vercellotti to help businesses in the Chicago-land metro area with random drug testing and pre-employment screening.  He saw that drug use among the working class was rampant, despite all the government’s efforts to stop it.  Also, he noticed that a surprisingly high number of employees were using drugs recreationally, but seemed to function normally at work.  He knew that this was unacceptable because the residual effects of drugs remain even after the user isn’t obviously “high.” How do you think the news media would react if your oxygen truck driver was involved in a fatal accident and toxicology tests showed cocaine and heroin in his system?


Dr. Vercellotti found that local companies didn’t always know who to trust for their drug testing needs.  So, he decided to start a company that focused on the customer and their needs to have a drug-free workplace.  The company’s mission is to provide excellent customer service and expert services.  Our on-site drug testing is performed quickly and efficiently so your employees can get back to work with minimal downtime.  We also pride ourselves on knowing all the regulations and helping our customers to stay compliant.  Truck drivers need to pass an annual physical so we send out reminder notices for each driver.  Some situations require you to have a 25% random rate of drug-time performed 4 times a year.  How many employees is that each time and how do you pick them randomly?  We have those answers!  Our random number program calculates these parameters and makes the selections, so you aren’t liable for favoritism or for influencing the results of the draw.


Our website, DrugTesters.com, was established in 2000 to help spread the word about our services.  With the arrival of 2010, we have re-designed the site so that information is more easily accessible and so we can help people across the country in their struggles with drug addiction.


Today, we offer services beyond drug testing and pre-employment screening.  Do you need a paternity test?  Before you start paying years of child support, you better be sure the child is yours! We perform court-admissable DNA testing here in our office with a 99.999% guaranteed accuracy.  We also perform physicals, hearing tests, lung function tests, and respirator fit testing.


Office Hours:

Monday – Friday 8:30 am to 3:30 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed

After hours appointments can be made — please call our office at (815) 838 – 4921.

We are located in Lockport, IL at 1000 S. Hamilton St.