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Dr. G. A. Vercellotti is listed on the NRCME with registry number #6183236347

If you are a company that wants to update physicals for multiple drivers, we can come to YOUR site – anywhere in the Chicago metro area.

Commercial truck drivers need to have their physical to make sure it is safe to drive.  What if you’ve developed “the silent killer” – high blood pressure?  If you faint while driving and there is a fatality and you don’t have your up-to-date physical – you go to prison!

Our years of experience make us experts at performing DOT Physicals.

It’s not easy to remember to get a physical and your employer is not required to remind you.  And no agency will send you a reminder.

When you are about due for your next DOT physical, we will send you a reminder!

If you’ve been driving for a while, you know that your certificate isn’t often checked, so you may think that you can get by without it.  What happens when you have an accident?  It doesn’t matter if it wasn’t your fault.  It doesn’t matter if the other driver was completely unable to talk on their phone and drive at the same time.  At the very least you could lose your job.  You may have to pay a fine.  Not having a DOT Medical Examiners Certificate could cost you 10 years in jail or more.  Legal fees could exceed $100,000.  Is all that worth saving a few bucks?

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We can make sure you are healthy AND legal.

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